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3 Easy ways to add Plant Power to your meals 

Fullgreen's daily plant based POWER-UP. Super busy? No time to cook from scratch? Fullgreen has your back. With three tasty and convenient new ways to get your recommended daily hit of nutrient-rich fruit and veggies. We’ve all heard the benefits of eating plant based. From supporting digestion and lowering cholesterol to increasing good bacteria in the gut, plants are the key to better health. Unfortunately, time and healthy meal options are in short supply so Fullgreen have made these meals quick to prepare and good enough to eat the whole year ‘round - not just in Veganuary.


with Fullgreen's Best Morning Ever Apple & Cinnamon

Busy morning? Simply heat-up this flavorful, plant based breakfast in the microwave for 1 minute. More virtuous (and much more tasty) than Grandma’s oatmeal - yet filling enough to keep you satisfied ‘til lunch. If you’re feeling decadent, add some chopped apples, walnuts and honey.


with Fullgreen's Riced Broccoli & Cauliflower

Salads shouldn’t be boring. Variety is EVERYTHING. So chop whatever veggies you have in the fridge (the more, the better). Layer them in a bowl, add some riced broccoli and cauliflower - for extra fiber and antioxidants - and dress with low fat Ranch or a squeeze of lime juice. 


with Fullgreen's Riced Ideas Portobello Mushroom

Fullgreen’s risotto-style riced cauliflower is perfect for those nights when you don't have time (or the energy) to cook. Heat in the microwave in a minute and a half. Easy! It’s awesome as a readymade side or as the main event - with added veggies and cracked pepper.

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