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Fullgreen Sustainability Agenda

As a business, we want to make a positive impact to the health of people and the world around us, which is why we have committed ourselves to a Sustainability agenda for Fullgreen. We recognize that we are far from perfect and still can do so much more to contribute to the health of people and our planet. The initiatives below are only the start & we continue to look for opportunities to make positive changes in areas where we have the largest impact, and leave a positive footprint where we can.

Health for Everyone

In partnership with

We believe that access to healthy food is a basic human right that everyone should have. Through our partners, Feeding Britain & Feeding America, we are distributing Fullgreen's nutritious vegetable-based products to those who need it the most. 

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Vegetable Pouches Donated

Fighting Food Waste

1/3 of all food produced for human consumption goes to waste, with short shelf-life fruits & vegetables being the largest contributor. Food waste produces 6x the amount of greenhouse gas emissions as the global aviation industry. To combat this, we've made sure key aspects of our business are focused on reducing food waste, particularly: through our special technology that gives veggies their long shelf-life without any preservatives, the use of ‘ugly veg’ and surplus produce usually thrown away by producers.

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Kilograms of Vegetable Waste saved from Landfill

Reducing our Climate Footprint

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While Fullgreen works 'downstream' with our consumers to encourage a plant-based diet that minimizes livestock farming's impact on deforestation; we are also working 'upstream' to minimise our climate footprint through reforestation. Planting trees is one of the most effective ways to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) and limit global warming.

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Trees Planted

Reducing Plastic Waste

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Through a partnership with TerraCycle®️, we want to provide an opportunity for our customers to send in their used Fullgreen pouches so they can be turned into new material to be used in other products. We are aware that this isn't a full recycling process but it does save pouches from landfill while we work in parallel with our suppliers for a better solution using a single, fully recyclable material for our pouches by 2024. The TerraCycle®️ recycling envelope is now live in the UK and USA, request your envelope using the button below.

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