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Changing Breakfast could change Everything

Studies suggest breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. The 2011 ‘Food Market Research Study’, by the NPD Group, revealed a staggering 31 million adults skip breakfast. This was echoed in a 2015 study, from Instantly, which found that out of 10,000 adults, only 47% ate breakfast daily. The other 53% skipped it at least once a week and 21% shunned the morning meal entirely. These statistics reflect the demanding pace of modern life. We’re always in a hurry; late for work, late to drop the kids at school, rushing for a meeting, or a conference call, or to update our social feeds... With so many urgent tasks clamoring for attention at the start of the day it’s easy to see why breakfast gets overlooked.

Breakfast supports good health. It’s likely that this shift in our morning routines is at the expense of our general well-being. After all, a healthy breakfast replenishes energy levels and maximizes our potential for the day and, with a growing list of daily demands, who doesn’t need that boost?

Studies also show that eating breakfast jump starts our metabolisms, improves concentration and brain function and dramatically reduces the risk of obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Conversely, skipping breakfast does the opposite – affecting memory and cognitive abilities and leaving us more inclined to make poor food choices during the rest of the day.

A constant stream of new eating (and fasting!) trends and conflicting dietary advice means that making healthy food choices is ever more confusing. But the evidence is still firmly in favor of eating a nutritious breakfast. According to Andy Jolls at Instantly... “Due to longer work days, convenience has become the deciding factor in what choose to people eat in the mornings.”

Instantly’s study revealed that, when time is tight, 43% of adults would grab something on the go. Good news for drivethruy’s, not so good for the ever growing waistlines of our already great nation. At home, the cereals and ‘convenience’ foods that lurk in our cupboards and freezers are no healthier. Whilst they make for an easier commute, they‘re often riddled with hidden sugars and fats that our bodies simply don’t need. Arguably ready-to-eat meals contribute more to the global obesity epidemic than any other food. And, when we do have time to make breakfast from scratch, we find it uninspiring - with most people eating the same option morning after morning (usually eggs or cereal).

Start the day Awesome!

Consumer research by Fullgreen revealed a strong desire for breakfast products that bridge the gap between nutrition and convenience - slotting effortlessly into busy modern lifestyles, without the need to scratch-cook. Ease of preparation, taste and variety were noted as key to changing dietary habits and supporting consumers in their long term health goals. As Fullgreen’s Gem Misa says, “We need to take responsibility for what we eat. I believe that FullGreen’s convenient, clean label breakfast will help provide ordinary Americans get a nutritious start to their mornings and will positively impact meal choices throughout the day.”

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