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Fighting food insecurity in the UK

Imagine a UK where nobody goes hungry and everyone gets a plate of hot, nutritious food on the table every night…

With the amount of food produced, this shouldn’t be a difficult thing. Yet food insecurity is a mammoth problem here in the UK with an estimated 1 in 10 of us struggling to get access to healthy food.

We’re proud to announce that in 2021, we will partner with Feeding Britain – a non-profit organisation dedicated to addressing the root cause of hunger whilst providing relief to those that need it most. Working with food banks, local community food organisations, politicians and companies, Feeding Britain are a driving force for systematic change with one over-arching goal – to eliminate hunger in the UK.

We share their belief that access to good quality food for all is possible and will be working with Feeding Britain to deliver our long shelf life veggies to the communities that need it most. Our special production process also means Fullgreen products don’t have to be refrigerated – providing relief to Feeding Britain food banks with limited refrigeration facilities whilst ensuring people get the nutrition they need.

Andrew Forsey, National Director says: “In recent months, due to both supply and storage issues, our partners have often found it challenging to acquire and offer as many fruit and vegetables, amongst other staple foods, as they need. While we have been working hard to help them overcome these issues, the generous support we are receiving from Fullgreen will add rocket boosters to those efforts.”

We’ve already made a start in Cheshire where Fullgreen Riced Sweet Potato pouches will be included in a half term food relief project led and dispatched by Changing Lives Together – a wholesale operation tackling food poverty in the area. And we’ll continue to work with Feeding Britain to deliver food to many projects across the country – adding to the 30,000 Fullgreen packs already donated to people in need.

It’s a long road ahead, but we’re super proud to be partnering with an organisation that doesn’t just provide relief, but also addresses flaws in the system to drive conversations in search of longer-term solutions. For Feeding Britain – it’s not simply about providing hunger relief, it’s about enriching people’s lives, creating job opportunities, offering stability and busting the limits that poverty places on people’s lives.

Find out more about their great work here.

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