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Fullgreen is a Proud Member of Buy Women Built

Fullgreen is a Proud Member of Buy Women Built

Fullgreen is proudly female founded and as part of this wonderful network of female founders, we strive to shine a light on brands built by women. 

Great founders are trail blazers — people who create something new; people driven by more than just a desire to get rich; people who leave the world better off than they found it. A few British names spring to mind: Richard Branson, James Dyson, Peter Jones.

But how many great founders can you name are women? Polls provide a staggering answer. 81% of 11-18-year olds are unable to name one single female entrepreneur. We have a plan to change that. We will showcase amazing brands built by women not only to profile great female founders but also to harness the power of consumer spending, in turn creating a fairer, stronger society. 

If women started businesses at the same rate as in other developed countries that would add an extra £200 billion to our economy.  By shopping more women built brands, we can together unleash the powerful contribution these businesses can make to our economy, our future, and our communities.

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