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Meet our nutritionist

Practicing as a Clinical dietitian-nutritionist and Certified Diabetic Educator for the past 5 years, Whitney Stuart knows a thing or two about eating for good health.

We love Whitney’s view that the best way to eat is to consume REAL food that gives you REAL joy; that eating exciting food and nourishing the body aren’t mutually exclusive; and with a few tweaks (and a little bit of prep) you can carve out a way of eating that is interesting, delicious and above all, nutritious. 

Whitney set up her private virtual practice to share her evidence-based nutrition with folks seeking a more positive way to eat. And she brings it to Fullgreen here with these three bespoke meal plans: 
1) Veggie-packed & keto-(tarian) friendly
2) Low-carb, diabetes friendly
3) Mediterranean


And two exclusive recipes:

Sheet pan not-fried rice

Mango coconut tricky rice

Packed with an array of gut-healthy, flavor-rich dishes - these meals are quick to prepare, nutritionally diverse and perfect for meal prep, so you always have a nutritious lunch or dinner ready to go. 

Whitney says: 

“Our time-starved lifestyles have created a huge demand for quick, easy and tasty meals. And while there are great options like veggie-heavy meal delivery services, these can become costly and time consuming. Having something as easy as microwavable cauliflower rice waiting to be combined with frozen veggies and an egg is something I think we can all get behind. Options like Fullgreen make cooking more enjoyable and convenient, whilst ensuring people are hitting their nutrition goals.”

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