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Top Your Bowl for the BEST MORNING EVER!

We’re all unique in our tastes right? Which is why we wanted to create a breakfast that delivers some great nutrition but offers the space you need to really make it your own.

Best Morning Ever is a fresh and unique breakfast concept that combines fruits & vegetables in a coconut cream base to deliver a nutritionally balanced breakfast. Plant based, gluten-free, dairy and oat free with no added sugar, it offers a great start to the day.

But it’s made even better when toppings are involved!

Whether you’re a nut butter freak or can’t miss out on some extra fruit at breakfast – BME is designed to be layered up so you can get plenty of the good stuff in first thing. From nuts and seeds to fruit, spreads and protein/collagen boosters – our pouches are a great base for YOUR ideal breakfast experience.

Try our topping suggestions below for a unique flavor experience:

Fruit – cold or hot, fresh or tinned, fruit is a match made in heaven for BME. Prepare it how you like it best and layer those juicy fruits on top. We love citrus fruits with Apple & Cinnamon and cooked pears, berries and sliced banana with Cocoa & Banana.

Nuts – a huge source of protein, fiber, antioxidants and nutrients (including Selenium, Manganese and Vitamin E), nuts are a simple way to amp up the nutrition at breakfast. Grind them, chop them or chuck them in whole to create a nut fest of a bowl.

Protein/Collagen supplements – love an extra dose of protein or collagen with your morning serve? Simply swirl in your usual amount and add extra toppings for a beautifying brekkie with serious benefits!

Seeds – from chia to sesame, pumpkin to sunflower, these small but mighty fellows are loaded with nutritional benefits. A great source of fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, protein, antioxidants and key vitamins and minerals – they bring instant goodness to breakfast.

Syrups, custards or compotes – take your pick from honey, custard or even some chocolate syrup. A little sweetener brings brekkie to life and is perfect swirled into a hit breakfast.

Love these ideas? Check out our recipes below for some great flavor combos that are ready to eat in under five mins.

Cinnamon & Apple Porridge | Cocoa & Banana Porridge

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