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Why our Riced Cauliflower and Broccoli is more than all-white…

Our Riced Cauliflower with Broccoli is a top seller and for good reason. Not only does this happy little combo taste pretty darn good, it works in a ton of different dishes AND brings a truck load of important vitamins and nutrients into your diet.

We use roughly 40% cauliflower and 60% broccoli so when you open a pouch you’d be forgiven for wondering where the broccoli is. Cauliflower is white. Broccoli is green (go figure!). But the natural process of steam cooking we use diminishes the color of the broccoli so you’re left with predominantly cauli-colored veg.

We also use the most fibrous part of the vegetable – the stem – which is lighter in color and has a firmer, more grain-like texture.

There’s no need to worry though! All the natural goodness is still in there. You’re simply getting all of the great benefits of broccoli (and cauliflower!) delivered straight to your plate in a handy, shelf-stable format.

Why have one vegetable when you can have two right?!

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