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A simple switch for some big health gains!

Rice forms the basis of many celebrated meals, but it’s not always the best choice when it comes to hitting those health goals.

With Men’s Health Week taking place in June, we challenged a group of guys to switch out the rice in their dishes for Fullgreen. And boy did they go for it! From curries to tabbouleh, wraps to pizza – they re-worked a ton of top dishes, demonstrating just how easy it is to dial down those carbs and cals (but maintain those amazing flavors). 

Here’s how they got on:-

Joe from @joeswwjourney

Having previously lost 6 stone (and regaining the weight again), Joe knows all too well the challenges involved in losing/maintaining a healthy weight. 

Motivated by a new job, he kicked off 2022 with a fresh sense of determination to hit his goals – revising his meal choices, exercising and sticking to a WW (formally Weight Watchers) plan to turbo-charge his weight loss. The result? He’s 30lbs down and has re-gained a ton of lost confidence. Not to mentioned a renewed sense of motivation to keep hitting those goals. What a result!

"Using low carb alternatives to things like rice has really benefitted me as I know I should be avoiding too many processed carbs AND it means I stay within my daily points allowance. I still have a way to go on my journey but with 30lbs down, I feel more confident and comfortable in myself."

Joe's top Fullgreen meals: Thai Style Pork ‘Rice’ Bowl and Chilli Con Carne

Connor from @my_ironman_journey

A house move, new baby and job change have kept life suitably busy for professional chef, Connor. But despite the time constraints, he still manages to train 5/6 times a week AND play for the Ealing Trailfinders Amateur rugby club!

Food is key to help fuel Connor's day and with an Ironman Challenge waiting in the wings, he is focused on good nutrition – with lots of veg – to sustain his busy lifestyle and training goals. 

“The Fullgreen pouches have been a lifesaver for me as I don’t have a lot of time to prep meals. And being so low in calories makes it ideal for weight cutting, as well as getting a portion of veg in. 

I have changed the way I eat recently, focusing more on foods that are volume heavy but low in calories like broccoli, cauliflower, peppers and courgettes. I like that I can eat larger volumes or these foods whilst keeping my calories down, helping to keep me fuelled and focused on my health goals.” 

Connor's top Fullgreen meal: Speedy Nasi Goreng

Matt from @slimmingworldboy

Matt started his weight loss journey in his 20’s and hasn’t looked back, having shed a staggering 17.5 stone in weight and totally transforming his lifestyle with support from the Slimming World plan. He talks candidly on his Instagram page about the challenges he’s faced on his weight loss journey but displays an innate sense of enthusiasm and motivation to hit those goals and work towards a healthier lifestyle.

He used Fullgreen to slash the carbs and calories in three of his favorite dishes - Sausage Jambalaya, Pizza and egg fried rice, giving him three mid-week meal options that ticked the taste box whilst keeping him on track with his goals. 

“I’m no stranger to losing and gaining weight and have tried a lot of different approaches over the years. What I’ve realised is that it’s all about balance and being focused on the end goal. If you make some good food choices, move more and stay upbeat and motivated – you can hit your goals and achieve huge health strides. 

I love the convenience of Fullgreen. The pouches are quick and simple and I can add them to existing dishes to bulk out my meals with more veg. The pizza recipe is a Slimming World favourite of mine and the Fullgreen pouches make the recipe prep much more time efficient. I’m hooked!” 

Matt's top Fullgreen meals: Sausage Jambalaya with Cauliflower Rice, Egg Fried Cauli rice and Cauli Pizza.

Inspired by these results and want to work on getting your own carbs down? Try these easy ways to lower your carb intake with Fullgreen:

There's a huge range of low carb, low calorie recipes on our website. From breakfasts and snacks to meal prep, lunches, mains and deserts - pick out some favorites to cook this week. 

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